Model Citizen // Gabrielle Nix

Hi guys so here it is… I’ve been searching for a unique model here in town (Vegas), yes there’s  a ton of good looking statuesque girls here that you can hire but there’s a fine line between MODEL…. and MODEL ESCORT looks…. which Vegas have so right there I find it so hard to find a model who has the model mindset and embodies a true model etiquette, Until I did a fashion show last year and I was short with models, this is where I met Gabby (Gabrielle Nix), Long story short I told her to open my show and bring it and so she did……. Seeing passion in someone is way greater than someone who looks the part, A humble girl who is passionate with her dreams that’s how I can describe her…

I’m not gonna blab as much here’s  a short fun Q & A of our upcoming rising Vegas local Model Gabby. Hope you all enjoy and watch out for more fun interesting Vegas//Fashion//Life..



Marianne ^_*


Q: Describe yourself in 3 words:

I would have to say energetic, unique, and FIERCE.

Q: Describe your personal style in 3 words.
My personal style would most definitely elegant. But on my regular days, I love to give the model off duty look.
Q: What do you love most about modeling?
What I love about modeling is learning new things and inspiring people to want to be even a better version of their selves by taking risks! I love to give off different looks and network with so many people! I definitely love getting all glammed up. Last would be making clients happy!
Q: For someone that wants to be a model, what is your advice to them?
I would say to someone that is trying to be a model would be to never give up on their dreams! Always remain positive and humble, it will get you far! Most definitely do your research, find that one photographer your comfortable working with and do lots of test shots, next thing you know you find yourself modeling!
Q: What are your go-to brands?
My go-to brand is hard to say so for now Victoria’s Secret…(hint) uhm Pink Needs to cast me soon yah?
Q: What is your favorite part of being a model?
Being the muse for sure or as I like to say “The Human Doll” that get to get glammed and all dressed up.
Q: Where are you headed on your next vacation?
California for more work and maybe soon Miami!!
Q: Essential Starbucks drink?
It would most definitely have to be a mocha or caramel frappuccino with extra whipped cream.
Q: Where will we see you in 10 years?
I see myself as a big fashion model, designer, and actress!  GO BIG OR GO HOME
Q: What is your spirit emoji?
I have two spirit emojis and they are 😜and 💃because i’m very goofy and hype LOL!
Q: Best piece of advice you got from someone?
Never give up on your dreams because when one door close another one will open!
Q:  What is your can’t live without item?
My cellphone, gum, and lipgloss.
Q: Biggest inspiration?
My Mother a  billion  percent!!
Q: Flats or heels?
Q: Spirit Emoji?
Heels. 😜💃

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